How To Import Products From Tradelle To Shopify?

Your Shopify store needs to be connected to Tradelle. Follow these steps to connect your Tradelle account if you haven't already.

Step 1

Log in to your Tradelle dashboard and choose a product for import.

Products from all sections in the dashboard can be imported. If an import option is not available, contact Tradelle's support, and the import option will be added.

Step 2

Click on a product to open the product page and select Import to Shopify.

Two distinct product pages exist, and their layouts are slightly different.

Product page (Fulfillment > Products)

Step 3

Select the Shopify store where you want the product to be imported, and click on Next.

You can connect as many Shopify stores to your Tradelle account as you'd like.

Step 4

Choose if you want automated fulfillment to be activated. Your orders will be processed, fulfilled, and shipped out by Tradelle automatically if you keep the box checked. Then click on Next.

After 10 to 60 seconds, the product will be imported successfully to your Shopify store.

All imported products will be labeled as "draft" in your Shopify store. Make sure to set them live in the product settings in your Shopify dashboard to list them when you're ready.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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